• Manufacturer is not responsible for the results of misuse, misapplication, faulty installation or abuse in any way.

• Read and follow all rope warnings.

• Never hook the rope back onto itself.

• Do not tie a knot to repair broken rope; this reduces line strength approximately in half. Repair winch rope with a splicing kit using only a Class II splicing method OR call BIGFOOT WINCH ROPES for repair.

• The use of winches is dangerous! Follow your owners / operator’s manual for your winch and take a winching / recovery class. Make sure on-lookers are not in harm’s way by standing a minimum distance of the length of winch rope pulled out.

• Under tension, winch rope will cut on sharp rocks and fairlead backing plates / bumpers.

• Avoid continuous pulls from extreme angles. If possible, un-spool and re-spool the winch rope to help eliminate rope build up on one side.

• Overheating the winch drum can damage the winch rope! If the winch rope appears to have been melted near the winch drum end, the winch rope is not suitable for use and must be replaced. If you have questions, discontinue use and call BIGFOOT WINCH ROPES as soon as possible.

• If powering out on winches that have internal drum brakes, care must be taken and owner’s manual followed to avoid overheating. If you suspect the line has failed it can be tested by kneading the line with your fingers. If the line opens up and shapes back into a round form, it can be used. If it cannot be kneaded back into shape it has melted and must be replaced.
• Always keep people and pets away from the winching operation.

Helpful Tips

• Slide the rock guard to the spot where your rope touches the ground or rocks.
• Whenever possible, use the winch to pull yourself. The winch rope will remain stationary as your vehicle moves forward. If you are winching someone else, the winch rope will be moving towards your vehicle.
• With use a winch rope will start to look “fuzzy” in appearance. This is normal, however, if the strands start to show cut strands, the winch rope will need to be repaired or replaced. If you have questions, please give us a call. (253) 250-8093.

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