HEAVY DUTY 1/4" X 50' ATV/UTV/SxS Winch Rope

  • HD powder coated yellow hook w/HD cast alloy latch

  • 3' black chafe protective sleeve

  • MBS: 7,500 lbs

  • Made with UHMWPE out cover with UHMWPE Dyneema inner core

  • Easy to handle

  • High flexibility

  • Light - it floats

  • No kinks, curls or wire splinters to deal with

  • Urethane coated for abrasion resistance and UV resistance

  • Double braided cover helps keep the dirt, mud and sand from getting into the inner core and damaging the rope

  • Safer, Stronger and Lighter than cable


*All prices in USD




Heavy Duty Dyneema 1/4"x50' ATV/UTV/SxS Synthetic Winch Rope