• Breaking strength of 24,000 lbs.

  • Lightweight replacement for steel shackles.  It FLOATS!  Will not fall to the bottom of the mud hole-never to be seen again


  • Can be used in conjunction with a steel shackle.  Just keep the steel shackle mounted to the recovery point.  No need to remove and install, then just use the soft shackle between the steel shackle and recovery strap. Quick and easy.

  • Bright color - Easy to find in your rig or on the trail so it does not get left behind.

  • Made with 100% UHMWPE Dyneema

  • Flexible - easily wraps around the most difficult pulling points

  • One piece construction - no pins to fasten or lose

  • Easy to use.  Simply pull to open the eyelet, pull the knot ball through the loop, loop the soft shackle through your recovery rope, around the roll bar or ........ where ever you need to use the soft shackle.  Open up the eyelet once again and push the knot ball back through the loop and pull tight.  Now you are ready.

  • DO NOT use on sharp edges!!  Damage will occur to soft shackle.  All edges where soft shackle is used should be round and smooth.


*All prices in USD

ATV/UTV/SxS Soft Shackle


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