3/8" Bigfoot Winch Ropes NEW HD Dyneema Synthetic Winch Rope with Gusseted Tube Thimble.

  • Made with UHMWPE cover to protect the inner core which is made with Dyneema, the world's strongest fiber  *(Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)

  • MBS- 19,000 lbs.

  • Includes two - 10' black chafe protective sleeves  *one chafe sleeve on 50' ropes

  • Includes one 10' color contrasting sleeve to help protect against winch drum heat and to act as a rope marker

  • Available with a gusseted tube thimble only

  • Easy to handle

  • High flexibility

  • Light - it floats

  • No kinks, curls or wire splinters to deal with

  • Urethane coated for abrasion resistance and UV resistance*

  • Double braided cover helps keep the dirt, mud and sand from getting into the inner core and damaging the rope

  • Safer, Stronger and Lighter than cable

  • Winch ropes are nominal in length




  • If you want a hook for this rope, please visit the HARDWARE PAGE and select either a 3.2T (Medium size hook) or the 5.3T (Large size hook)





*Fiber rope will fail if worn, damaged, abused, overloaded and/or not properly maintained.  Determine suitability of a rope for specific applications.  Know the working load limit (WLL) of the rope.  DO NOT stand within the recoil (snapback) area of any rope.  DO NOT use over rough surfaces without chafe protection.  DO NOT bend around unprotected sharp corners.  Keep rope clean.  DO NOT drag rope over ground or other rough gritty surfaces.  This could allow abrasive particles to work into the rope and damage fibers.  Prevent kinks, which could cause permanant damage and weaking of the rope.  Protect ropes from chemicals such as acids, alkalis, oils, paints, and other agents that are not chemically neutral.  


*Avoid sudden strains.  Shock loads may cause damage or failure of a rope normally strong enough to handle the load.


*If you are not sure on what lenght of synthetic winch rope you need for your winch, give us a call and we can look it up.  We want to make sure you get as much as possible on your winch. 


*Although the synthetic winch rope is coated for UV resistance the winch rope still needs to be protected against everyday weather.  Some rope fading may occur with usage, this is normal.


*Due to the overwelming response to purchase the HD winch rope without a soft shackle we have removed the soft shackle as an option.  If you would like a soft shackle with the purchase of a HD winch rope, please visit our soft shackle page.  Thank you for your understanding.



*All prices are in USD


*** We have inventory but have zeroed out our inventory because we are at an show and do not want to oversell a product that may take 4-5 WEEKS to fullfil an order.  If you want one of our HD winch ropes it is best to email us at bigfootwinchropes@gmail.com so that we can contact you and make sure the rope you want is available.  Thank you for your understanding.






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