BIGFOOT WINCH ROPES Kinetic Recovery Rope


You get performance, durabiliy and strength that exceeds a typical "tow strap" or chain.  It's "rubber band" effect allows its own kinetic energy to lessen the impact felt on both vehicles and help recover the stuck vehicle easier and safer.

  • Size - 1 1/2" diameter

  • 100% Nylon double braid

  • Average breaking strength - 64,000 lbs

  • Up to a 30% elongation (at break)

  • Abrasion resistant

  • Easy to handle

  • A recovery solution with reduced stress to vehicle components compared to a static tow strap

  • Available in 30' length

  • Rated for a vehicle weighing upto 18,000 lbs

  • Safety factor of 3.5 - 1



*All prices in USD

1 1/2" Kinetic Recovery Rope

SKU: KRR11230