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Installation Instructions

                                                      INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR BIGFOOT WINCH ROPE
After removing your steel cable and roller fairlead from your bumper, now would be a good time to inspect your winch drum and fairlead opening.













You want to make sure the drum is smooth and does not have any sharp burrs or gouges.  If it does have some burrs or gouges, you will need to file and smooth those out BEFORE installing your new rope.  Also, at this time it is a good idea to remove approx. 3/16” – ¼” or more of material from the bottom of the fairlead opening and round over the edge.  Doing this will help protect your new rope from getting cut. 

It is a good idea to install a new aluminum hawse fairlead with your new rope.  We DO NOT recommend using steel roller fairleads with synthetic winch rope, even if it is new.  Some bumper types do not allow a use of a hawse fairlead because they are recessed in toward the body of the vehicle.  In this case we recommend using daystar’s polyurethane rope rollers (sold  separately).

















Install your new BIGFOOT WINCH ROPE by inserting the taped end through your new hawse roller fairlead and running the rope under the winch drum and bringing it over the top of the drum.  Install the taped end of the winch rope through the large hole of the drum connector (included in every rope purchase).  Pull approx. 8” (just short of the length of the drum) through the drum connector.  Lay the 8” of winch rope across the winch drum and use some duct tape to hold to the drum (or another set of hands will work also).  Install the new stainless steel button head screw for WARN winches (also included ---- in some cases you will need to reuse your existing screw or purchases a new one from your local hardware store) into the small hole in the drum connector and thread the screw into the side of the winch drum (where the old screw was installed).  Most winches use this method for attachment of winch rope.  For those with the WARN M12000 and M15000 winches, there is a different size screw, we can include the correct size screw needed.  Please let us know when ordering.
For those winches that use a through hole design to attach winch rope;  Measure from the taped end of the rope 7-8” and cut 3 individual strands of rope and remove the strands and re-tape the end.  Insert your new winch rope through the hole about 6-8”.  Place the rope across the drum and using some duct tape, tape the end down to hold in place.  Lightly tighten the set screw to squeeze the line but do not over tighten.
For those with the WARN 8274 – Remove the round cover on the driver side of the winch, insert the rope through the hole and tie a square not in order to keep the rope from being pulled back through the hole. Re-attach the cover.

If this winch rope is for a WARN ZEON winch, there must be a small loop installed on the end of rope, or there is a modified way to attach the rope.  Either we can do this for you, or you can make the small loop yourself.  Please call us at 253-250-8093 for details.

Once you have the winch rope attached to the drum and before spooling the rope onto the drum, uncoil the rope leading away from the vehicle.  Using clean gloves, lightly grab the rope at the fairlead and walk towards the hook end of the rope.  This will help get any twists out of the rope.  Once you have reached the hook end, attach to a solid object (your buddy’s Jeep will work).  Have an assistant help by sitting in your vehicle (put vehicle in NEUTRAL, increase the rpm’s to approx. 1500 and lightly press on the brake pedal – this will increase the vehicle resistance and help spool your new winch rope on the drum under tension).  NEVER USE WINCH ROPE FOR RECOVERY IF IT HAS NOT BEEN PREVIOUS SPOOLED ON THE WINCH DRUM UNDER TENSION.  DAMAGE TO THE WINCH ROPE AND/OR WINCH MAY OCCUR.













Keeping your hands clear of the winch fairlead, guide the winch rope in making sure the wraps are neat and tight.  Follow your winch operator’s guide for properly loading/tensioning the winch rope.  It is the same for steel and synthetic winch rope.  It is very important to properly pretension the winch rope when installing.
Continue loading the winch rope until the hook gets close.  Attach your hook to either a shackle or tow point and tighten.  Making sure that the tube thimble does not come into contact with the hawse fairlead.  If you are using the FACTOR 55 “SPLICER”, continue spooling the rope on the drum till the thimble touches the fairlead.  Give a quick bump on the controller to snug up the thimble to the fairlead.




ALWAYS KEEP HANDS AND FINGERS AWAY FROM THE WINCH FAIRLEAD WHEN WINCHING.  If you have any questions, please give us a call, we will be more than happy to help you out.  (253) 250-8093



 (253)  250-8093

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